Myofascial release therapy (MFR)

This is a gentle treatment that creates profound changes.  Unlike massage, there is no oil or lotion used and there is no active movement across the muscle tissue by the therapist.  You will feel movement as the fascia in your body releases, unwinds and lets go.  My job as your therapist is to facilitate this process.

The name reflects the fascia (or band), surrounding the myo- (muscle fibres), which forms connective tissue throughout the body.  By applying gentle pressure and heat from the hands, a change is created which allows the fascia to release, taking away the tension around the muscle fibres to restore balance and wellbeing.

The image below illustrates the way MFR will help your body to change.  It’s a great feeling!

A cartoon body gradually unlocks from a little circle to crawling to reaching up and walking tall

How myofascial release works

Myofascial release is a hands-on therapy.  The fascia responds to gentle, sustained pressure by softening and releasing; each release can take several minutes.  There’s no sudden manipulation, no stripping out of the muscles, and the physics of how fascia works mean that the effect is surprisingly deep and long lasting.  It is also very safe.  I have trained under Ruth Duncan of MFR UK who completed her postgraduate training with John F Barnes, the world’s leading authority on myofascial release.

Click here for a great article from What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine which talks particularly about the effect MFR can have on fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and scarring.  You might also be interested in my blog post on the relationship between fascia and chronic pain.

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