What clients say

Here are some comments from my clients…..

Catherine is taking my pain away, something I never thought possible.   Eighteen months ago ankle surgery gave me CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome).  Three treatments in, spasms have stopped and pain is unwinding – physical proof MFR works.  So thankful I found Catherine  Carole, horticulturist (until the pain got too bad)

Catherine works in both a caring and professional manner and I always feel safe and comfortable. She takes the time to understand what is required physically and tunes in to my emotional state, combining treatment for both body and mind. She works in a Covid safe environment and I would highly recommend the treatment.  Helen, artist and magazine editor

Catherine has remarkable skills. She can read her clients’ bodies. ‘Why are you pulling my right leg? ‘No, your right leg is pulling me.’ I cannot understand her range of techniques. I can only say they work. She removes tensions. She smoothes away strains. She restores a sense of balance. And she has a great sense of humour when required.  Peter, retired minister

After many years of benefiting from your treatments, the Lockdown only served to confirm how much I benefit from them. I was so relieved when you recommenced treatments in the summer in your new location. I had no hesitation in returning as I was completely confident that you would only resume when you were completely satisfied that every aspect of hygiene and Covid Government Guidelines were in place and adhered to.  And so it has proved the case – the atmosphere remains calm and relaxing but most importantly –  reassuringly safe.  Thank you for going to so much trouble to ensure that you can keep my body “working”!  Anne, retired administrator

I highly recommend Catherine  – I have been seeing her for a while now and have felt a lot better for it.  Catherine has a real passion for what she does and is constantly expanding her expertise. I feel she offers so much more than going for a standard massage.  Helena Bottrill, keen horserider

Thank you Catherine for your professionalism. You are really helping me to feel better with my body and it is the first time in years that my lower back pain is receding.  I fully recommend you.  Alma Maria Gundin Rey, Busy deskworker 

I first went to Catherine in the summer of 2012, with what I thought was lower back problems. I have suffered with severe debilitating migraines for many years. Catherine assessed my situation and whilst she eased my lower back she also worked wonders on my upper back and gradually my neck and shoulders. I say gradually because at first she was not able to touch my shoulders and neck due to severe nerve reaction. However with persistence Catherine has now freed my neck and shoulders which has reduced my migraines considerably. I still get the odd one or two but nowhere near as bad as they were.

Catherine has changed my life considerably of which I cannot thank her enough, now I go monthly to keep everything working – a bit like keeping your car running smoothly.

If you are in two minds due to cost – consider this. Treating yourself to a meal out or a new top lasts a short time. Your health is with you 24/7. Take time out and put yourself first for 1 hour a month. This treatment treats you physically, and mentally
Helen Sismore, Programme Manager and Learning Consultant

I have suffered from a chronic and fluctuating condition over the past few years and Catherine has been a great help to me in managing this. She has a good understanding of my medical issues and adapts my treatment as necessary so that I get the greatest benefit.   Dianne Spence, Solicitor

Dear Catherine

I came to see you when I was suffering from very acute back pain and was unable to even do housework properly. You carried out remedial work over the course of a few weeks and were able to get me fully mobile again. You thought that there was an underlying problem and recommended that I went for an MRI scan. The scan showed that I have problems with the core muscles surrounding the spine.
With your help I have been able to strengthen these muscles and I am now able to live a normal life again. All I can say is thank you very much. I will continue to see you periodically for maintenance work if only for the peace and relaxation I feel after you have treated me.
Please feel free to use me as a referral to any interested clients.
Again, I thank you for making the pain go away.
Yours sincerely
Susan Richardson
Housewife and very keen gardener

I feel as if I have a new neck. I feel better than I have felt in months! Thank you so much. I didn’t know I could feel this much better after a massage. Still feel it a bit at the base of the neck and my lower back is still a bit achey but my goodness I am much improved.  Marie Beet, Full-time carer

Catherine is very effective and works in a relaxed yet professional way. Highly recommended!  Fiona Miller, IT professional