Follow up appointments

Everyone’s first questions when they start treatment

… many appointments will I need and how much will it cost?  Well, just how long is a piece of string?!

Everyone is different (I know – I’m a client too) and after your first session, only you will know how you want to proceed.  You might find that one or two treatments straightaway followed by another every now and then is fine, especially if you’re very body-aware, look after yourself and lead a relatively stress-free life.

For most of us however, it’s our age and/or lifestyle that has got us to the place we’re in, with chronic pain, tight spots and aches that just won’t shift.  Years of repetitive strain from deskwork, driving, texting, and stressful home or work lives mean that problems just keep coming back.

It’s also very rare to be completely free from pain and tension forever, even after lots of bodywork treatment.  You have been living in your body and subjecting it to stress, injury and trauma since before you were born.  You’ll feel fantastic for ages and then something will change.  Most of us assume it’s something we’ve ‘done’ just recently but often something very minor has acted as a trigger to show up old hurts.  And that’s when you need to listen to your body and book in.

Usually I recommend

4-5 treatments with a gap of one to two weeks between each, work well to get your body used to feeling the way it should and less likely to fall back into the habits that have caused the problem.  This is particularly true if you’re older and if your issues have been hanging around a long time (known as ‘chronic’).  Gradually you’ll find you need treatment less often as your body learns to ‘hold’ the changes we teach it to enjoy.

At the moment (August 2020) Coronavirus guidelines restrict us to a session of one hour.  As time goes on I hope I can offer more flexibility, particularly as a longer treatment gives your body the chance to release deeper, more ‘stuck’ restrictions.   You may feel it’s time to do some more intensive work to help your body really let go of long-term issues and we can book appointments close together, even more than one on the same day, subject to availability.  We’ll talk at each treatment about what you need next – I’ll guide but ultimately, you’ll decide.